Overcoming Barriers: Helping Older Adults Disclose and Participate in Treatment for Elder Abuse 5/12/2021 from 12:30-2:30 PST

This Webinar will discuss the cohort effects that make older adults less willing to talk about their abuse and engage in treatment services than younger adults.  These effects may underlie why so few older adults contact the police, or Adult Protective Services for help. At least two clinical cases will be highlighted. The case of Ann (age 70) who was the parent of a high spirited child that she often allowed to have control of the family, and is now the victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation at the hands of that adult child and that of Ron (age 80) who was the perpetrator of child emotional abuse and neglect and is now the victim of elder abuse.  Different aspects of development can influence how Ann and Ron make meaning from what happens to them and may serve as additional barriers to them directly confronting their victimization. These barriers will be discussed along with strategies for overcoming them. 

Participants will gain ideas for talking with older adults about their victimization and/or perpetration and developing the structure for treatment plans. After attending this webinar, participants will be able to describe barriers to older adults disclosing abuse, be able to describe strategies for using the values of older adults to talk with them about abuse, and design treatment goals that may enhance the motivation of their older adult clients. They may also gain increased awareness of the need for their working environments to be trauma-informed and provide support to prevent staff from developing secondary trauma from working with cases of elder abuse.

This webinar will use the Center for Disease Controls’ definitions of the types of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of being an elder.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe at least three barriers to older adults disclosing abuse
  • Describe at leasts three stretegies for using the values of older adults to talk with them about abuse
  • Design treatment goals that enhance the motivation of their older adult clients

This training consists of a 90-min presentation and 30-min Q&A to allow interaction between the presenter and participants in real time. 

Presenter: Pearl Berman, PhD

Audience Level: Intermediate: Appropriate for attendees who have been in the field 5-10 years and have basic information on a topic

Areas of Emphasis: Elder abuse, disclosure, treatment, vulnerable adults, barriers

Earn 2.0 Continuing Education Credit Hours!

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