Graduate Courses:
PSYC 830 Methods of Intervention I (IUP)
PSYC 831 Methods of Intervention II (IUP)
PSYC 632 Theories & Techniques of Therapy II (BGSU)
PSYC 860 Child Clinical Psychology (IUP)
PSYC 832 Therapist Techniques Lab (IUP)
PSYC 834 Family Therapy (IUP)
PSYC 960 Advanced Psychotherapy with Children (IUP)
PSYC 781 Children & Youth Practicum (IUP)
PSYC 971 Family & Couples Clinic (IUP)
PSYC 973 Family & Child Assessment Clinic (IUP)
PSYC 993 Advanced Psychological Practicum (IUP)