Part 144 3/30/2020 Claire’s Story: Who is Davy?

By P. Berman 

This game lasts so long! I want to get up…wait, what is that? 

Davy was so tired of sitting for the football game. But he didn’t want to leave Mr. Carson alone. Then, he heard it. Dare he look up? Davy looked at Mr. Carson- yes, he was asleep and snoring! Davy very slowly unfolded his legs- he didn’t cry out even though his legs were cramping. He crawled on his hands and knees out of the living room. 

I am almost out! I can run upstairs and play. Oh no! 

Davy could almost taste it, the excitement of being able to go up to his room and play. But then the door bell rang. Alarmed Davy looked into the living room; Mr. Carson had rolled slightly in his chair but was still asleep. Davy had to get to the door before it could ring again and wake Mr. Carson up. He didn’t want to go back to watching the game again. 

Davy crawled fast to the door, jumped up and opened it! 


It’s so wet. But he’s so cute. 

Davy had a dog’s noise pressed up against his. Davy jumped up and was petting the dog completely forgetting his manners. He didn’t even notice Craig standing there, looking down at him in total surprise. 

Who is this? His hair matches Claire’s. What is this? 

Butch was enjoying the petting from Davy and he began licking Davy’s face. Craig noticed that the little boy seemed to know how to treat a dog. Craig wondered briefly if Claire could be a live-in babysitter or something. He knew this was the right house, he had seen Claire going in there. He was beginning to feel annoyed, left outside and ignored.  

“Hey, kid, is there someone named Claire living here?” Davy looked up from Butch and noticed this tall man staring down at him. Davy remembered his manners. “Hello, I’m Davy,” he reached out his hand to Craig. Bemused, he shook the hand of this little boy. When no further action happened. He said again, “Hey, I am looking for Claire. Is she here?” 

What a silly question. Of course, his mommy was here. But, who was this man and why was he here? 

Davy was very curious, but he knew what he had to do next. “Sorry, I am not allowed to let strangers in. You will have to wait while I get my mommy.” Davy shut the door and ran upstairs. Craig didn’t know what to do. Should he take off? Wait for an explanation? While he was trying to figure this out, Butch had been pulling on his lease. Why had the petting stoppedButch started to bark. Craig tried to quiet him down, but before he could, it had woken Mr. Carson up and now he opened the door. 

Surprised for a moment he just stood there before remembering what was going on. He then placed the guy and the dog. Claire had a date at the park with this guy. “Hello,” he said, “putting his hand out just like Davy had. “I’m Mr. Carson, you must be Craig. Come on in I am sure Claire is ready.”  

Now who was this guy. What rig was Claire running here? 

Craig was feeling uninformed and out-of-control. He had watched Claire go home twice. He had thought he knew what was going on. He hated this feeling of not knowing what might happen next. On the other hand, now this Mr. Carson was patting his dog and asking him, “What’s the big guy’s name?” 

Is Claire’s date going to end before it stops? 

Should she have mentioned Davy to Craig? 



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